About me

Give me coffee, some snacks, and my Wacom tablet and I’ll be set for hours. Creating illustrations and digital content is how I like to spend my spare time. I’ve tried to define what kind of artist I am, but in the end I have to say I’m a digital content creator. I want to create photographs, digital paintings, branding for companies that don’t exist, or animations that stretch my imagination. I take in inspiration through my camera lens and by getting out in nature.

I live in the Pacific Northwest for the landscape. Give me the coast, the forests, the deserts, the hot springs, the rivers, the lakes, I want it all. I enjoy living out of my backpack, biking, planning hikes, mountaineering, and photographing it all.


Artist Statement

My mantra is never stop creating.

I believe in being a multifaceted artist, but at its source I constantly refer to my practice of drawing. It is the foundation of all my work and I believe strong drawing techniques yield strong art. 

In college, I was enthralled with discovering new mediums and techniques, and I developed a versatile skill set in video, drawing, painting, and ceramics. Since graduation, I continue exploration in video, and naturally take to photography and digital illustration. As a multi-disciplinary artist, I work on ways to create art that blends my interests.

I have worked in illustration, video production, photography, screen printing, and pottery.  All of these outlets have offered me the opportunity to express myself in a creative way.

I believe art is a collaborative process. I enjoy being around like-minded individuals that can share creative energy. I also believe everyone has their own form of art, and I find joy in being a part of the experience. We are all products of our environments, and my art is directly inspired by the landscape, the experience, and the people around me.

The act of creating is an important part of life that I believe can be overlooked. Whether it is pottery, photography, or Photoshop, I focus on process rather than product.

Nothing gets me more excited than a rough sketch of an idea, listening to people talk about their latest projects, or discovering new techniques.